Saved! From Horrible Tattoos to Beautiful Cover-up Tattoos |

Do you have a horrible tattoo on you? Do you feel hopeless about getting it reworked, or maybe covered up? After a few sessions of laser tattoo removal, you could be walking out of the tattoo studio with a new piece of art on you like these people below.

From horrible tattoos to beautiful tattoos, this blog post features some of the horrible tattoos that were saved by cover-up tattoos or tattoo repair, as some would call it. Thank God for these awesome ideas and tattooers that these peeps need not live the rest of their lives with the horrible works on their skin.


So there you have it! These are just some of the best cover ups and tattoo repairs on the web. I’m sure there’s a lot more awesome reworks and cover ups out there. Always remember to do research and know the artist before getting work done so you won’t have to go through what these people had to. Tattoos are for life so remember to THINK BEFORE YOU INK!