How to apply numbing cream so it WORKS!

In this video, I will show you how to apply numbing cream correctly so that it actually works!

Dr. Numb is a topical anaesthetic cream to make tattoos, laser treatments and dermal procedures pain free. Personally tried and tested. Lasts up to 3 hours or more. Tailored Tattoo Removal are an authorised Dr. Numb stockist. Click here to buy now.

How sun exposure effects laser tattoo removal

For laser tattoo removal to be its most effective your skin should ideally be its natural, untanned colour. Tanned skin contains higher amounts of melanin than skin at its natural colour.  Those increased melanin levels have two distinct drawbacks to laser tattoo removal.  Firstly, high melanin levels can leave your skin susceptible to pigmentation and burning. Burning can lead not just to pain but to scarring. Once the skin is scarred the chances of successfully removing a tattoo a 100% decrease dramatically.

To make the tattoo removal process as painless, cost effective and successful as possible, do not fake tan and try to stay out of the sun for two to four weeks before and after your laser treatment. We recommend covering the tattooed area and using an SPF 50 sun block to avoid any extra sun exposure to the area.


Research, Research, Research!

We can’t stress this enough! When it comes to removing your unwanted tattoo researching the right clinic is IMPORTANT! Don’t choose the clinic that offer’s the cheapest option or the most convenience. It happens too often that we see people who have gone down that route and regret it. Your skin is important and should be treated that way!

Below is a photo of a man’s arm who came to see us after getting a treatment at his local so called laser tattoo removal clinic. The process of laser tattoo removal was not discussed with him nor was any of his personal history looked over. There was no consultation involved, just a “sure we can remove your tattoo for you”. The result… 3 days in hospital with major burns to his arm which resulted in major scarring. (Viewer discretion. Image below may be confronting for some)

Here at Tailored Tattoo Removal we take what we do seriously! Even though we might have a laugh while you’re being over dramatic about the pain. We make sure our clients know the process, have realistic expectations of results and we look over your personal and medical history prior to treatment. We have undergone training in laser safety and laser tattoo removal, our equipment is also at the gold standard when it comes to laser tattoo removal. Most of all though, we know everybody’s skin is different and lifestyles vary, so we design a personal tattoo removal treatment plan for you!


Reviews make us happy

We love hearing what our clients have to say about their laser tattoo removal treatments with Tailored Tattoo Removal. It really does make our day when we get to see the awesome reviews our clients give us. For more reviews and recommendations check out our Facebook and Google pages.


Think before you Ink

With laser tattoo removal technology being at an all time high, tattoos don't seem to be as permanent as they use to be. Even though we can remove your tattoo we always recommend you do your research when it comes to getting a new tattoo. As the saying goes cheap tattoos aren't good and good tattoos aren't cheap. Always have a consultation with your artist prior to getting a tattoo and if the vibe isn't right it just isn't right. 


The way skin care should be!

Acacia Organics use 100% natural and organic ingredients. The way skin care should be! We expect the best when it comes to aftercare for your tattoo and Acacia Organics provides just that. This is why we stock and recommend their post laser cream.


Our Personal Laser Tattoo Removal Process

We decide to put together a time lapse of our own laser tattoo removal treatments getting done, so we could show you guys the process.

Are you looking to remove or cover up a regretful tattoo?

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How to get the most success after your laser tattoo removal treatment

The tattoo removal process doesn’t stop when you leave our laser tattoo removal clinic. In fact, successful removal of your tattoo depends on establishing healthy habits to help your body remove the ink. The healthier your body, the more efficiently it will get rid of unwanted pigment. It’s most important to always stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. When proper aftercare procedure is followed, laser tattoo removal is the most consistently successful way to remove or fade an unwanted tattoo.


Your Tattoos Are No Longer Permanent

Gone are the days when you had to be a 100% certain before getting a tattoo. Do you have a tattoo that you've grown out of or has no meaning to you anymore? Contact us to book in a free consultation and lets discuss removing that unwanted tattoo.

Carly came to see us about removing a southern cross tattoo she got at 18 and after a quick 8 treatments she no longer has to worry about seeing her regretful tattoo anymore.


What Is Tattoo Removal Frosting?

If you have looked into laser tattoo removal in the past, you probably came across some photos of what skin looks like immediately post treatment.

This is called Frosting. Frosting is a white residue which appears after a laser tattoo removal treatment has been done. The frosting is caused by small gas bubbles which rise to the surface of your skin after being treated with the tattoo-removal laser.

Although tattoo frosting may look alarming, it’s a completely natural response of the tattoo removal process and is not a cause for concern. Frosting is completely normal. It’s temporary and only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes immediately following a laser tattoo removal treatment. Frosting can even be considered a positive sign because it indicates that the laser beam has responded with the ink beneath the skin, indicating a successful laser tattoo removal procedure.

The most frosting is usually visible after the first tattoo removal treatment. Each subsequent treatment after the first will show less and less frosting until the tattoo has been completely removed.


Acacia Organics | The Perfect Post Laser Cream

After months of searching for the perfect aftercare solution for our clients, we have finally found it! Acacia Organics Post Laser Cream is the optimal choice in organic recovery following laser treatment.

It is 100% natural and organic, reduces inflammation, swelling and irritation, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, instant cooling of the skin and creates the perfect healing environment to ensure effective results leading to additional treatments.

We have personally tried and tested Acacia Organics Post Laser Cream and know you will love it as much as we do!


The perfect time to start removing those unwanted tattoos

Now that the sun doesn't show itself as much as we would like it's time to get back into those laser tattoo removal treatments. Here are the three reasons why Winter is a great time to start.

1. No need to stay out of the sun for 2 weeks before and after treatment.

2. No need for sunscreen every time you walk out the house.

3. Cover up your old tattoo by the end of the year.


What our clients are saying about us

The proof is in the pudding! Researching laser tattoo removal is just as important as researching for a tattoo artist. Check out our reviews from some of our clients on either Facebook or Google and you will see why we are the go to laser tattoo removal clinic when it comes to removing those unwanted tattoos.


Does your old tattoo need a fresh new cover up?

When we say we work with some of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne, we mean it! Check out the cover up done by Andy Brindley over this old tattoo. Come see us for some laser tattoo removal and leave with an awesome cover up.

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How long does a laser tattoo removal treatment take?

Considering getting a regretful tattoo removed? Curious of how long a treatment will take? Check out the video below and you'll see how quick we can remove your tattoo. Something that would take you 6 hours to get tattooed we can remove in 10-15 minutes. How quick is that!