Covering an old tattoo

Tattoos are no longer as permanent as you may think. Tailored Tattoo Removal is not a clinic, so unlike other laser tattoo removal clinics we are covered in tattoos and know what it’s like to have a few regretful tattoos on ourselves. Therefore we understand what you need to get the best results for a quality cover up or full removal. Tailored Tattoo Removal also work with some of the best Artists in Melbourne that are more then happy to consult with you on a new tattoo design. After getting 2 laser tattoo removal treatments on his old panther tattoo, Nick was able to get a cover up and a fresh new tattoo that he really wanted. The new tattoo was done by Alex Coles one of the artist who work here. Not only do we make it easy for you to get laser tattoo removal we also make the process of getting your old tattoos covered up with ease. Contact us today to book in a free consultation.