Research, Research, Research!

We can’t stress this enough! When it comes to removing your unwanted tattoo researching the right clinic is IMPORTANT! Don’t choose the clinic that offer’s the cheapest option or the most convenience. It happens too often that we see people who have gone down that route and regret it. Your skin is important and should be treated that way!

Below is a photo of a man’s arm who came to see us after getting a treatment at his local so called laser tattoo removal clinic. The process of laser tattoo removal was not discussed with him nor was any of his personal history looked over. There was no consultation involved, just a “sure we can remove your tattoo for you”. The result… 3 days in hospital with major burns to his arm which resulted in major scarring. (Viewer discretion. Image below may be confronting for some)

Here at Tailored Tattoo Removal we take what we do seriously! Even though we might have a laugh while you’re being over dramatic about the pain. We make sure our clients know the process, have realistic expectations of results and we look over your personal and medical history prior to treatment. We have undergone training in laser safety and laser tattoo removal, our equipment is also at the gold standard when it comes to laser tattoo removal. Most of all though, we know everybody’s skin is different and lifestyles vary, so we design a personal tattoo removal treatment plan for you!