What Is Tattoo Removal Frosting?

If you have looked into laser tattoo removal in the past, you probably came across some photos of what skin looks like immediately post treatment.

This is called Frosting. Frosting is a white residue which appears after a laser tattoo removal treatment has been done. The frosting is caused by small gas bubbles which rise to the surface of your skin after being treated with the tattoo-removal laser.

Although tattoo frosting may look alarming, it’s a completely natural response of the tattoo removal process and is not a cause for concern. Frosting is completely normal. It’s temporary and only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes immediately following a laser tattoo removal treatment. Frosting can even be considered a positive sign because it indicates that the laser beam has responded with the ink beneath the skin, indicating a successful laser tattoo removal procedure.

The most frosting is usually visible after the first tattoo removal treatment. Each subsequent treatment after the first will show less and less frosting until the tattoo has been completely removed.