Changing the world! One bad tattoo at a time.

Fading your old tattoo for a fresh new one!

John came to see Tailored Tattoo Removal after getting a tattoo that he had rushed into and realised the tattoo just wasn't what he wanted. After a quick consult about laser tattoo removal and listening to what John wanted to achieve we got to zapping! Being that he still wanted to have a tattoo on his arm just something different, we discussed the options of lightening the tattoo enough that it could be easily covered with pretty much anything that his heart desired. After 3 laser tattoo removal treatments on his tattoo this is the result below.

Lightening a tattoo for a cover up gives you a lot more freedom for both you and your artist when it comes to choosing a new piece of art for your skin. Instead of your only option being a black panther head or an eight ball that you really don't want either. Call Tailored Tattoo Removal to book in a free consultation and we will discuss your options of finally getting that realism piece you really want over that 15 year old tribal tattoo.

John is currently in the process of getting his new tattoo, stay posted for the end results!