How to apply numbing cream so it WORKS!

In this video, I will show you how to apply numbing cream correctly so that it actually works!

Dr. Numb is a topical anaesthetic cream to make tattoos, laser treatments and dermal procedures pain free. Personally tried and tested. Lasts up to 3 hours or more. Tailored Tattoo Removal are an authorised Dr. Numb stockist. Click here to buy now.

We now stock Dr.Numb Numbing Cream!

We all know when it comes to getting laser tattoo removal or tattooed the truth is it hurts! No matter how strong you think you are, whether you are male or female, or if you are tattooed on you face or feet. The pain is there for every single one of us.

Rest assure we now have a solution to take away that pain! Dr Numb is the No.1 numbing cream when it comes to tattoo removal and tattoos. Recommended by Tattoo Artists, Doctors and people around the globe! 

Why Dr. Numb the Best Selling Numbing Cream!

  1. Guaranteed to numb your skin fast and lasts 4 hours!
  2. Has Vitamin E Acetate to enhance recovery of skin
  3. Non-Oily skin feel
  4. 87.78% Water Based Topical Numbing Cream
  5. 12.22% Lidocaine & Special Ingredient Formula
  6. Recommended by Doctors & Tattoo Artists

Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic that can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness. It will make those laser sessions a breeze, and before you know it you can be getting tattooed again.

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